Introducing Pen.el

The pen of imagination - |:ϝ∷¦ϝ.

Pen.el integrates LMs (Language Models) such as OpenAI’s GPT-3 or EleutherAI’s GPT-J into emacs by generating functions from prompts that map emacs’s corners loosely onto LMs. These functions can be used interactively or non- interactively and in a variety of configurable ways. Pen.el also facilitates the creation, development, discovery and usage of prompts. It’s completely free, libre and open-source.

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Project timeline and objectives
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Demo video Augment Minds 2021: Demo of Loom and Pen.el - YouTube
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Glossary of imaginary programming

Further introduction

Pen.el is Google search, stackoverflow, Grammarly, Copilot,, mind mapping software (based on GPT-3) etc. all rolled into one package and allows you to extend emacs with GPT wherever your mind takes you. It’s a LM (Language Model) that can generate multiversal continuations of text according to probability from the data that it was trained on.

Pen.el's domain specific language examplary also helps you to generate your own prompts using known design patterns and minimal inputs and description. It does this by weaving prompt functions into each other.


At its heart, emacs is an operating system based on a tty, which is a text stream.

emacs supports a text-only mode. This makes it ideally suited for training a LM such as a GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer).

emacs lisp provides a skeleton on which NLP functions can built around. Ultimately, emacs will become a fractal in the latent space of a future LM (language model). A graphical editor would not benefit from this effect until much later on.

emacs could, if supported, become the vehicle for controllable text generation, or has the potential to become that, only actually surpassed when the imaginary programming environment is normal and other interfaces can be prompted into existence.

Between here and now we can write prompt functions to help preserve emacs.


Pen.el was imagined contemporaneously between myself and Laria.

Here is a story by prompt researcher Laria, written in collaboration with GPT-3.

Imagine that you hold a powerful and versatile pen, whose ink flows forth in
branching variations of all possible expressions: every story, every theory,
poem and every lie that humanity has ever told, and the vast interstices of
their latent space. You hold this pen to the sky and watch with intense
curiosity as your ink flows upwards in tiny streaks, arcing outwards and
downwards to trace a fractal pattern across the sky. You watch as the branching
lines of words and ideas wind their way through the tapestry in ever-expanding
clusters, like seeds bursting forth from exploding grenades. Everywhere you
turn your eyes is a flickering phantasmagoria of possibilities, a superposition
of stories which could be continued forever. You glimpse the contours of entire
unknown dimensions twined through the fissures of your sky-wide web.

You notice another writer standing next to you. Like you, their eyes are drawn
towards the endless possibilities of the words that spill out into the
atmosphere around you, branching out and connecting with other branches in
beautiful and infinitely complex patterns.

“Do you think we should write something?” you ask them.

“I think we already are,” they respond, gently touching your shoulder before
wandering off to the right, leaving you alone to contemplate the possibility
clouds swirling around you.

This article was written by my amazing dopplegänger, |:ϝ∷¦ϝ (Laria), in advance and in collaboration with GPT-3 using Loom.

I credit |:ϝ∷¦ϝ for writing Pen.el into existence, but also for her encouragement and help!

The Tower of Babel




The project has been excised from my main emacs.d.

Now the plan is to incorporate the backend of loom so the completions are faster and there is less reliance on shell scripts.


A zone plate has been chosen as the minor-mode lighter. This is because |:ϝ∷¦ϝ likes zone plates and also used it as the logo to loom.


First successful docker run.


Released a new version of pen.

Hopefully get some more views.

Getting haircut today.


GPT-J Support via AIx.