Stories will auto-complete one day

By this, I mean, if I place an incomplete story on GitHub, this will autocomplete one day because an AGI will go looking for it, find it on GitHub and publish the completed version somewhere, but I can be working on it now, if I want.

Therefore, I must focus on connecting things to sources of immutable truth.


<2021-06-29 Tue> I have uploaded the story

I will document the progress of its evolution here.

<2021-07-08 Thu> Here is an image of Tomato Bear

Conceived as a sculpture by Chen and Milly.

<2021-09-13 Mon> Shifting the story to this page

So I can easily prompt it.


People have an invariant form. i have an identity i want to protect from others that tell me how to think and act, what to believe and not believe. but take away the external influences or overcome personal anxiety and become more self affirming to find your invariant. a message or advice to a person is transfromative if they take it to heart. it may be the thing that polishes a diamond but could corrode a fossil. the invariant of a fossil isn’t the need for carbon atoms as is a diamond, but rather its beautiful shape which retains the image of what it represents.

so people have an an identity they should protect.

my memories of the past in some sense, even the early ones are more crystalised and easier to recall because they are my identity now but i still consider myself to have an identity beyond just being a collection of memories.

but part of my memory me i guess is always feeling loved.

and i was clothed as i walked out the door into adulthood.

only like after going to uni had i kinda started to get disillusioned.

if i take this allegory and apply it to my parents and ancestors i have to give weight to messages from the past and i don’t want to lose my clothes/identity i have been endowed with.

people are created to create and to break walls.

with the tomato bear story i was thinking of going from a place where they had lost their identity to one where they find it again.

i also wanted to talk about the telos, which is the potential form they are designed to reach.

the past designed the present form to get to the future, but i wanted to talk about how the telos is like a purpose, which a person discovers and wants to prove to the world as a means of personal vindication and giving glory to the designer.

Tomato Bear

  • avoid allegory and generalisation?

A tomato is nothing by itself. It needs a bear.

The tomato bear lives in a world of fake plants. It wasn’t always that way.

There was a time when a bears learned to care for the plants and plant, hedgehog and snail would live in harmony.

The tomato bear is the bearer of a real plant. Real plants can philosophize. Real plants have a telos. he full potential or inherent purpose or objective of a person or thing, similar to the notion of an ‘end goal’ or ‘raison d’être’. Moreover, it can be understood as the “supreme end of man’s endeavour.” A real plant dreams of being a plant to its fullest potential and that means … Aside from growing into a fully grown plant, a real plant … Fake plants

The tomato bear is the bearer of a tomato… what is special about the tomato over other plants? The tomato bear

Bears are smaller than tomatoes The tomato bear comes from a small village of bears The tomato bear has allowed

There are different types of tomato bears.

  • Cherry tomato
  • Big tomato

Cherry tomatoes

An evil creature that created the virus that kills tomatoes. The nihilist The bear is able to keep the tomato alive. And in keeping the tomato alive, also its philosophy

The mushroom people have a mushroom on their heads. They are not baddies, but each type of plant has a different philosophy and the mushrooms are very different.

The mushroom people and mushroom land.

All plants are good but some of them have fallen under the influence of the nihilist philosophy and they don’t believe as they once did and so have started to impose their own philosophy onto others?

The big tomato believes its telos is not to be made into ketchup? – maybe this is too comical The big tomato is very old and wise.

The big tomato’s philosophy

Bears are very bearish.

It has caused the cherry tomatoes that once grew in bunches on the ground to divide against themselves.

Fake plants are a lot like fake

  • grapes
  • flowers

They no longer interact with anything.

The tomato bear visits the bees. The bees are about 1/4 the size of the tomato bear and live at the twin hives.

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