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Paracosm is an accelerator for learning, world-building and personal development.

Accelerate your thinking and immerse yourself in your own detailed imaginary world of chatbots, knowledge and personal learning through a melding of human and AI imagination, and build up a detailed and intricate graph, intermixed with code, which you can publish as a book or website using org-mode!

  • Generate topics,
  • Suggest new topics
  • Talk to chatbots on any topic

Run paracosm from the host to start it.

kb f
M-SPC a c apostrophe-start-chatbot-from-selection pen-map
C-c d org-brain-describe-topic global-map
H-q pen-org-brain-switch-brain pen-map
C-M-i org-brain-suggest-subtopics org-brain-visualize-mode-map