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Introducing Mad Tea-Party! (currently in development)

Where apostrophe can start an imaginary conversation between two interlocutors with a simple REPL and no messaging server, madteaparty manages a full-blown IRC server and channel simulates an interlocutor, so they can be combined to make more elaborate imaginary conversations.

MTP is required for a game of imitatation via the prompting game ๐Ÿ“, and also may be used to test out Chann.el bots on an IRC server.


Running in the local IRC simulation.

Running a bot subsuming my own account on irc.libera, tweaking the code as I go.


madteaparty automates the user account and channel creation for an IRC server, allowing any number of chatbot avatars to converse together, including humans.

For example, the following command creates a linux user and IRC nick partygroup, then creates the #metameetup IRC channel and presents the user and/or chatbot with an IRC client.

madteaparty -join metameetup partygroup

Following on, you may wrap channel around a command such as madteaparty.

Equally, the chatbots added via channel could be attached to other messaging clients too, so long as they have a terminal user-interface.

For example wrapping channel around a command such as finch would enable you to add chatbots to your Facebook Messenger account.

# This channels the chatbot "Mad Hatter's Tea Party group" on behalf of the IRC user partygroup. Their client runs in the background
channel -bg -who "Mad Hatter's Tea Party group" -on-behalf-of "partygroup" madteaparty -join metameetup partygroup

The following would add Lewis Caroll to the server with his own account.

# This channels the chatbot "Lewis Caroll" on behalf of the IRC user lewiscaroll. It runs in the foreground
channel -who "Lewis Caroll" -on-behalf-of "lewiscaroll" madteaparty -join metameetup lewiscaroll

But we can simply run the following and take the role of Lewis Caroll within the server.

madteaparty -join metameetup lewiscaroll

All clients for all channeled chatbots may be accessed via tmux, and so you can see them typing and interacting.

First conversation with Lewis Caroll and the MTP