Introducing Creation!

I begin developing a creation pipeline in Pen.el. This is an abstraction over the creation process and modelled on the phylogenetic tree and inspired by gnostic cosmogony.

Creation Pipeline

The creation pipeline is an abstraction over metaverses, personalities, tomes and artworks, which are all examples of archaea, and allows you to create more types.

  • archaea
    • chatbot
    • artwork/pictograph
    • book
    • make more types…

From there, the evolutionary process continues until reification.

  • protozoa
  • metazoa
  • actualised

The language used to reify prototypes is D'ni, which is a mixture of mainly emacs lisp and YAML.



The flow of reality from eternity into nature and back. The flow is represented by the godess Sophia (Wisdom)

The demiurge is the author of their own creation repo.
the source of all things
used as the first template for a given tree
the underlying order that is hidden beneath appearances. can denote the universal language used in all archaea and creations/emanations
numerical ratios in mathematics


Creation archaea

Personalities :: :

Example creation steps

  • Example steps (in creating a book)
    • First create the concept of a book, as a type of archaea.
      • Select Creation -> Archaea -> New
    • Once done, back back out and create a new proto tome or protome.
      • Click on Creation -> Proto -> Tome
        • Click one of:
          • create new protome
          • Query protome - this creates a meta tome
            • A Meta tome or metome is a book with a name and/or description.
            • After creating a metome, it will automatically run the metome to create an actual tome
    • To manually create a new tome from the protome
      • Click on Creation -> Meta -> Tome
        • Click one of:
          • create new metome
            • This may ask if I want to create from a protome, or design from scratch
          • Reify/Actualise metome
            • This will generate the tome / book, and automatically proceed to reading it, unless cancelled
    • To look at an actualised tome (ie. read it as though it were a book)
    • Click on Creation -> Actualised -> Tome -> The book you want to read
      • Click one of:
        • read tome
        • delete tome

Pipeline design in more depth

  • Pipeline
    • Archaea
      • Each archaea defines a type of creation, rather than their stage of development.
        • Tome
        • Chatbot/personality
        • Artwork
    • Evolutionary progress
      • Proto
        • Is more like a query
        • Has neither name nor description
        • Tome: an encyclopaedia of birds, or how to draw a picture
        • Chatbot/personality: a surreal artist
        • Art: a surreal artwork/pictograph
      • Meta
        • Has a name and or a description or none
        • Tome: The Standard Encyclopaedia of Birds
        • Chatbot/incarnation: ๐Ÿ“
        • Art: artwork/pictograph name: Surrealeptitious Strawberry
      • Actualised/collapsed
        • What’s a better name for this? Well, I could just leave out the prefix
        • Has a name and a description
        • Has content
        • Tome: The Standard Encyclopaedia of Birds, with content
        • Chatbot: ๐Ÿ“, with transcripts
        • Art: Surrealeptitious Strawberry, with final image