Founded on 31 Dec 2021, Semiotic LLC is an organisation, which is focused on building augmented intelligence software for the imaginary internet, to keep computing textual, transparent, configurable and ethical.

Noam Chomsky - “The machine, the ghost, and the limits of understanding” - YouTube

The imaginary internet
To explain what the imaginary internet is, I will make an analogy. In mathematics, the complex number system is comprised of an imaginary and a real axis. In the complex number system almost all numbers are not real, yet there are infinite real numbers. The imaginary internet is similar. There are practically infinite real websites, yet the possible websites that are generated using neural networks comprise a greater infinity. Almost all of computing will be imaginary, with a small tethering to reality.
The Tapestry of Truth
You are already a character in a simulation and can escape the Matrix this way, by becoming a part of objective truth. This explains how: The Tapestry of Truth.

Shane Mulligan

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